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Jinzhu Oration


Since our establishment in 10 years ago, Jinzhu have walked a long way facing the blowing and raining, and absorbed the whole staff’s intelligence and practice. With our whole staff’s constant hardworking and joint effort, the company has achieved a rapid and great development, and became a well-known company in the domestic decal paper industry, where we occuppy a large market share. Hereby, I want to show my sincere gratitude to our customers and suppliers. It is your concern and full support that cultivate, build up and create Jinzhu Company. We, Jinzhu People, are committed to the industrial innovation. We will constantly to serve you with sincerity, professional knowledge and science methods so as to be the retribution for you and the society.

Nowadays, Jinzhu has built up a set of precise, effective and complete working procedure with reasonable organization and equipped with a full range of professional equipments. We own a professional team those are of technical skills, good manners, and honest attitude. Our tenet is always customer first, honesty based, follow the rule of law and justice, while our aim is being the first rate enterprise, offering the first grade service and enjoying the first class reputation. Jinzhu has formed its own advantage because of our solid technical strength, strict management system, acting and developing businesses according to the international industry practicing standards, For example, we have a good reputation of our decal paper and the auxiliary materials for the product are of excellence and stable property and promptly delivery. On January 1st, 2011, American Dupont chose us as their strategic cooperator. It is elating that we have over fulfilled the scheduled sales target every year.

Having got these achievement, while when looking into the future, we are still facing the rare opportunity and severe challenging. We need to further our inner management, improve our employee’s quality, and lay good foundation of the profession knowledge. We believe that with the caring and support of our friends from all walks of life, we are sure to attain a better achievement.